2019-2020 Capital Campaign

Please stay tuned as we plan for our 2019-2020 season and Capital Campaign! Consider donating today and become part of creating history in West Warwick.

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TAP Annual Membership / Individual Giving

Because only a small percentage of our expenses are covered by ticket sales, it is essential for us to raise the remaining through contributions from corporations, foundations, government agencies, special events, and generous individuals such as you.

We hope you will consider joining our donor family by contributing to The Arctic Playhouse (TAP). Your donation to our Annual Fund plays an important part in every aspect of TAP, from the shows we produce to the performers, sets, and costumes. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we welcome one-time donations, corporate sponsorship or regular monthly sustainer gifts which not only support our Main Stage productions but they also directly impact youth education and the development of new programs. Monthly sustainer gifts can be as small as $5 per month … we value EVERY donation!

We hope you will join our donor family by donating to The Arctic Playhouse and help us bring affordable arts to new audiences!

In addition to helping us continue our tradition of excellence, you’ll also receive benefits to enhance your theatre experience. Donors receive unique benefits like invitations to exclusive backstage parties and tours, as well as TAP goodies like signed posters.

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$25+ $100+ $500+ $1249+ $5000+
Name in program
Tickets to performance 2 4 4 6
Invite to a private cast party 4 4 6
Season tickets 4 6
Preferential seating X X
(2) Free Cocktails X X X
(2) The Arctic Playhouse T-shirts X X X

Corporate Sponsorship

The Arctic Playhouse offers opportunities for organizations to increase their outreach in the community by providing corporate sponsorship of one of our great performance series. As a supporter of The Arctic Playhouse, you’ll let the public know your support of the performing arts while receiving increased public exposure of your organization.

As a thank you for your $5,000 sponsorship, you will receive the following promotional materials and exposure throughout the 9-12 performances:

  • A full-page ad in our program booklet A full-page ad in our program booklet
  • Your logo printed on all The Arctic Playhouse brochures throughout the season
  • Your logo and/or business advertisement used on all print materials including press releases, posters, billboards, tickets
  • Your logo and/or business advertisement prominently posted on our website and Facebook pages that include daily/weekly posts and Constant Contact newsletters to our fan base.
  • Your business/organization acknowledgment at the beginning of every live event curtain speech
  • Color poster signed by the entire cast.
  • Private show for your employees (max. 85) – Thursday Opening Night Performance
  • Invitation for (4) to a private cast party

Bringing arts to a community instills pride, belonging, interaction, and human connection. It has the ability to become part of the community’s shared identity. By successfully reaching audiences who traditionally travel to Providence for their theater experiences, we hope to draw attention to local restaurants and venues in the area. With our focus of bringing multiple forms of art activities to The Arctic Playhouse, we connect to a wide range of people, many for the first time, through these community-based cultural events.

In the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s, Arctic Village, located in West Warwick, RI was considered the jewel of New England. Businesses thrived, and the community was engaged. Sidewalks were full of people enjoying local shops, restaurants and there was live entertainment on every corner. Then times changed, malls became fashionable, and textile mills shut down, bringing on hard times for Arctic and the community. However, in recent years, there is a transformation happening in West Warwick. The Arctic Playhouse is an important part of the vision to revitalize the community by increasing the attractiveness of the area to tourists, businesses and potential new workers.

Your $5,000 sponsorship will help us to attain our mission of providing the community with affordable access to the performing arts. Not only does your support assist our stage productions, but also directly impact our youth education and the development of innovative programs. By successfully reaching audiences who traditionally travel to Providence for their theater experiences, together we hope to draw attention to other local restaurants and venues in the area.

Thank you for considering a corporate sponsorship of The Arctic Playhouse and supporting the revitalization of the Arctic Village!

For further information, please contact or email Jim at